The Rest of Yogyakarta


I know, I know.. I take way too much time to write about my trip to Yogyakarta last year. At first I want to make it like a sequel, day per day post. But.. yea… Pardon me. I am trying to be good at blogging still :p


I already told you about the first day. The next three day we went to beaches at Gunung Kidul, Taman Sari Watercastle, Ratu Boko and Prambanan temples, licking some Gellato at  Oh My Gelato, Upside Down World, Beringharjo Traditional Market, etc.

Gunung Kidul

There are beaches at Gunung Kidul. We only went to Siung and Wediombo Beach. Both are rocky but still beautiful. It took 2-3 hours from our hostel to Gunung Kidul by car.

Wediombo Beach1488863986881148886401039014888631626571471194442600148886409556014888641393201488863735678

Siung Beach


Taman Sari, Ratu Boko & Prambanan

The next day is historical places day! First we went to Taman Sari Watercastle then we bought a round-up ticket for Ratu Boko and Prambanan for cheaper price (about Rp 50.000). Baby and Ivan had to go back to Jakarta because of work, so there were three of us left 😦

Taman Sari WatercastleIMG_20160815_100734IMG_20160815_114759IMG_20160815_114744IMG_20160815_11373614888673007811488867188999IMG_20160815_121138IMG_20160815_115957IMG_20160815_121736IMG_20160815_121857148886728439514888671814831488867173445

Prambanan TemplePANO_20160815_142632PANO_20160815_143118IMG_20160815_145929IMG_20160815_143942IMG_20160815_143826

Ratu Boko Temple

We spent the rest of the day at Ratu Boko and watched the sunset on the top of a temple.PANO_20160815_1602321488867161310IMG_20160815_161039IMG_20160815_160352147126453138614712645460841488867151371147126348546314712646031831488867157642


We went to a Gellato place, had fun at Upside Down World, and at last bought some gifts for family and friends at Beringharjo and Malioboro market.


I dedicated this post to my Jogja Bound fellas Tita, Baby, Ivan and Luthfan. Thank you for the (super fun) trip! Looking forward for the next adventure together!!


Xx, Wulan



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