I told you I am going to tell you about Abrakadabra! the hostel I stayed in when I was in Yogyakarta. Well, so sorry it takes too long (I got so much distraction or just got distracted easily..) get ready to feel the magic of it! :p

Abrakadabra! is located in Jalan Minggiran Baru no. 19 Mantrijeron Yogyakarta. In your first step inside Abrakadabra! you’ll know that the host is an art enthusiast. There are art works like everywhere. At the front gate, the walls, the pool, everywhere. That’s also why I chose the hostel, I do love art! Me and my friends was welcomed by Jali, Leony, and Ando. They are very humble and friendly.

Abrakadabra! has some room with different themes. Jungle, Beach, Graffity, Junkyard, and a dorm room. Each room (except the dorm room) is fit for two people. So I had to bring an extra folded bed cause I stayed with my two friends. I booked their Junkyard themed room via Airbnb. Looooove the room with its design and every little things they put in the room. Really, they put some simple efforts to get the ‘Junkyard’ feel.



At the backyard they have a mini pool with a graffity walls, a hammock,  and a hangout corner. It is a cozy space to spend times with your friends or another guests there especially in the evening. There also a kitchen you can use next to the hangout corner. So if you (or your stomach) need anything, it is literally just a step (well maybe two or three) away!


Every morning the hosts will offer you a breakfast before you go exploring Yogyakarta. At the first morning we had a mini Tumpeng. Tasted really good!

At the last day we met Anez, also one of the host. He greeted us and we also had a little chat. And there I knew that he did all of the mural and graffity works there! I always admire people who can create artworks. Any artworks. So It really a good time to met and had a small talk with him.

Well pictures always tells more than words. So I hope you also enjoy the pictures 🙂




Xx, Wulan



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