I knew weaving since I worked as a creative intern in Living Loving. Mbak Nike, one of the founder of Living Loving love to do weaving. She also own an online shop called made by n that sell weaving loom and some of her works. I found weaving makes me happy, reduce some stress in me, especially when I use lovely color scheme of yarns ❤

Living Loving has a workshop event called Afternoon Delight and LLClass. And weaving class is one of them. I got my first mini loom there. If you want to try it, just follow their instagram or subscribe their newsletter to keep up with the workshop schedule.

The mini loom I got on LL workshop
Left : my very fist mini wall hanging; right : unfinished wall hanging bcs I’m just not too patient to see it done…

I’ve already done one (and half :p) woven wall hanging and working on the other one (when I feel bored I could finish one loom in forever hahaha).

And here are some woven wall hanging ideas I love ❤


Xx, Wulan



Wall hanging ideas sources :


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